Company Overview

Great Lakes Media Corp. is a local media company, being built to reach and engage people through its radio and digital platforms and live events.  One of the country’s dedicated local broadcasting/media companies, Great Lakes Media Corp. will offer integrated marketing solutions - and deliver the power of local connection with local news coverage, information, sports, entertainment and events.

Great Lakes Media Corp. will be a creator of live, original, local audio content - and a leader in local news, sports and entertainment. 

The company is seeking properties to acquire in markets within the United States.  The company is interested in large and medium markets.

The company is also interested in spoken-word heritage stations that may no longer fit as well within the profiles of major broadcast companies - and require more of an investment in time, expertise and specific format leadership than they can get as just part of a "cluster."

To Potential Investors

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If you're interested in investing in a media company run by experienced broadcasters now focused on serving smaller markets on multiple platforms, and connecting advertisers locally, we may be the just the right fit with your investment portfolio.

Great Lakes Media Corp.

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